I have started a series of posters on Direct Instruction (DI)  in collaboration with maths teacher, Ben Gordon (@mathsmrgordon). We were keen to help promote and clarify the benefits of this approach to teaching. 

The posters are free to download from this site and are about a range of different aspects of DI.

My first encounter with DI was with the SRA reading programme in the early 1980s while teaching in a special school. Later, while the very fortunate beneficiary of a whole year's full-time secondment to the Cambridge Institute of Education, I learned more about DI through the Project Follow Through. 

Strangely, the conclusion we students were given about Project Follow Through was that progressive, constructivist early years programme, HighScope, was the 'winner' of the contest to find the most effective method of teaching. Maybe that conclusion was the inevitable cognitive bias of a UK generation seemingly addicted to romantic progressive notions of child development and learning in general.